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“A Living Future” - An analysis and action plan of critical environmental challenges in The Bahamas

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

For Immediate Release “A Living Future” - An analysis and action plan of critical environmental challenges in The Bahamas Contact Sam Duncombe Ph 362 2724 Email

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January 29 2012 In the face of today’s most pressing environmental challenges reEarth has released an Action Plan to tackle critical environmental challenges in The Bahamas.

A first-of-its-kind in The Bahamas, reEarth hopes that this document will act as the foundation to continued learning and leadership in the realm of environmental protection going forwards.

“A Living Future” represents an analysis of critical environmental challenges facing The Bahamas. It attempts to present practical solutions that can be achieved if there is the political will and leadership. Energy, water, food, transparency, declining ocean health, unsustainable resource management, all threaten the security of the present, and endanger future generations.

The agenda relies on reports and studies conducted on energy, fishing, climate change, and water resources with contributions from The Nature Conservancy, The Bahamas Humane Society and from citizens.

“A Living Future” was compiled to highlight the environment on which we all depend. It is intended to look at the environment in a comprehensive and integral part of how we develop - to engage politicians and the citizenry in a dynamic evolving discussion that recognizes the fundamental value of our natural assets and acts to police and protect them as the precious resources they are.

While it is up to government to enact and enforce, it also depends heavily on the Bahamian citizen to demand the protection and support government decisions for the protection of the environment.


Supporting Documents

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Water Resources COB

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Exuma Parks $4.1 million Endowment Fund

Sharks in Trouble


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Aid for Inagua Animals

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Dear All: As you know Hurricane Ike hit Great Inagua Island head on last week. There are lots of humanitarian efforts taking place presently. The airport is buzzing with activity here in Nassau with so many wonderful people sending food, medical supplies, water, clothing, bedding, and other necessary supplies to our less fortunate brothers and sisters caught in the storm. many people have lost everything,

Even the lucky ones are without so much. It is wonderful have our community has rallied to help out. However in the mist of all this assistance for Great inagua, there is a smaller, silent community, who have last everything too. They are unable to speak up for themselves, go to the airport and apply for food and shelter. Their needs are basic, and easy to meet . I speak about the animals who were caught in Ike, the dogs, cat, donkeys and the parrots. There, food for them is scarce, and many are foraging for whatever they can get. The Bahamas Humane Society has already collected some food, but not enough, our Executive Director went out to the airport today to send it down to Inagua, the flight that had promised to take the animal supplies had a sudden change of plans. All the other planes were full of supplies for humans. and alas, he had to drive away after of several hours of pleading, with a full truck. Stephen Turnquest is not one to give up, and his determination was rewarded when he finally found a mailboat with some space on it and for a nominal fee they took the food. It should get to Inagua tomorrow evening. That was step one, we need to be able to send more food, and to continue to do so until the island catches itself. The parrots need the leaves and berries to come back, the donkeys need the grass to grow, the dogs and cats need the humans to be back on their feel and have enough to feed them. Until that time, I am appealing to you all to please find a small space in your heart to help us at the Bahamas Humane Society help those who are totally at out mercy. We need food: Dry dog food, hay, dry corn kernels and sunflower seed (for the parrots), plus fruits for the parrots. Supplies can be dropped off at the Bahamas Humane Society in Chippingham. please mark them clearly “Hurricane Relief, Inagua”. if you cannot provide the supplies, money donations would be a HUGE help. We may have to charter a flight to take the supplies down, that is costly (anybody have a friend who loves animals and has a plane?), we may have to pay the mail boats (ditto, friends needed!). Checks can be left at the Bahamas Humane Society shelter, please address the envelope to Stephen Turnquest (cheques to the Bahamas Humane Society), or they can be left for me at home on Ranger Road at Lyford Cay, or at the Lyford Cay post Office. Again, please cheques to The Bahamas Humane Society, and the envelopes to Kim Aranha.I am sure that you have all, already given to the hurricane relief, and are probably feeling all “charitied out”. Believe me, I fully understand, I have already personally given a cheque to Archdeacon Cartwright on behalf of my family to help those who are devastated. Still, I prevail upon you to dig into your pockets once more, perhaps you have a pet at home right now, just imagine it starving in Inagua, not a pretty thought. I look forward to hearing from you. Please forward this email to as many people as you can who you think might be prepared to help us help …. Call me if you need further information at 362 4727 or 357 4318. Thank you and God bless. Kim Aranha

Realities 1989

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

This is a bit dated but there’s plenty “Food for Thought” (no pun intended) Sam

Realities 1989 Facts excerpted from the Pulitzer Prize nominated “Diet for a New America” by John Robbins. Full documentation of every fact is in the book available from EarthSave.

World Hunger

Human population of United States: 243,000,000 Number of human beings who could be fed by the grain and soybeans eaten by U.S. livestock: 1,300,000,000 Sacred food of Native Americans: Corn Percentage of corn grown in United States eaten by human beings: 20 Percentage of corn grown in United States eaten by livestock: 80 Percentage of oats grown in United States eaten by livestock: 95 Percentage of protein wasted by cycling grain through livestock: 90 Percentage of carbohydrate wasted by cycling grain through livestock: 99 Percentage of dietary fibre wasted by cycling grain through livestock: 100 How frequently a child dies of starvation: Every 2 seconds Pounds of potatoes that can be grown on 1 acre of land: 20,000 Pounds of beef that can be produced on 1 acre of land: 165 Percentage of U.S. agricultural land used to produce beef: 56 Pounds of grain and soybeans needed to produce 1 pound of feedlot beef: 16 Pounds of protein fed to chickens to produce 1 pound of protein as chicken flesh: 5 pounds Pounds of protein fed to hogs to produce 1 pound of protein as hog flesh: 7.5 pounds Number of children who starve to death every day: 40,000 Number of pure vegetarians who can be fed on the amount of land needed to feed 1 person consuming meat-based diet: 20 Number of people who will starve to death this year: 60,000,000 Number of people who could be adequately fed by the grain saved if Americans reduced their intake of meat by 10%: 60,000,000 (more…)

PETA Urges Bahamas Commission to Fight Global Warming by Encouraging Residents to Go Vegetarian

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

For Immediate Release: May 13, 2008

Contact: Lindsay Rajt 757-622-7382

Bahamas - Yesterday, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sent an urgent letter to Philip S. Weech – director of the Bahamas Environment, Science and Technology Commission – urging him to combat global warming by encouraging the nation’s residents to adopt a vegetarian diet. PETA points out that meat production is recognised as the leading cause of the greenhouse-gas emissions that are blamed for global warming. (more…)